If you want have naturally beautiful skin - all you need to do is choose products specially designed for your type of skin. Oily skin doesn't have the same needs as dry skin. They are two basic rules to have healty and well looking skin: cleansing and moisturizing. When your skin is getting older you need to care about risk aera like lips, eye contour.  We offer 100% natural ingredients cosmetics, which are suitable for all skin types at every stage of life. Thanks to the oils contained in cosmetics, they are a natural source of beauty.

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  1. Bio 3D Skin Lift by Nacomi - Lifting face cocktail 3in1 - 85ml
    "Lifting face cocktail 3in1 - Face mask, intense serum and eye mask in one.The cocktail gives an immediate lifting... Learn More
  2. Shea butter night cream with biomimetic peptides; 50+ - 50ml
    Smoothing night cream made from precious natural ingredients, such as shea butter, avocado oil and macadamia oil, which... Learn More
  3. Argan oil night cream with hyaluronic acid; 30+ - 50ml
    Argan oil night cream nourishes the skin and facilitates skin regeneration to prevent premature skin aging. Learn More
  4. Argan oil day cream with vitamin E; 30+ - 50ml
    Argan oil day cream nourishes the skin and facilitates skin regeneration.  Learn More
  5. Marula oil night cream with stem cells; 40+ - 50 ml
    Marula Oil Face Cream stimulates collagen and elastin renewal. It makes the skin well-toned and regenerated.  Learn More
  6. Marula oil day cream with hydrolized rice and hyaluronic acid; 40+ - 50ml
    Natural ingredients such as cold-pressed marula oil, with powerful antioxidant and anti-aging action, combined with... Learn More
  7. Gentle enzyme peel 2*6ml
    Fruity enzymes exfoliate while leaving skin clean without irritating. This gentle exfoliator willmake your complexion... Learn More
  8. Moisturising firming cream - 50ml with omega3,6,9 cotton seed oil
    Moisturising cream that firms and smoothes skin. Ideal for a daily skincare routine. It contains fatty acid... Learn More
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