Nacomi UK offers fresh, fun and feminine natural cosmetics

 that look lovely, smell delicious
and abound with precious natural ingredients.
Our range includes natural face, body and hair care products
and some exceptional natural bath products
for vegetarians, vegans and those with sensitive skin prone to allergies.
Learn more about our products, including natural products for men,
pregnant women, babies and tan lovers, below.


We want you to find here everything that your body needs.   

Daria Prochenka & Justyna Szuszkiewicz

Nacomi- polish producer and distributor of natural cosmetics. The offer includes products for the face, body and hair care. All cosmetics are home made with harmony with nature  in a small village situated in the south of Poland from the best quality organic and ecological ingredients without using toxins and chemicals to give you healthy pleasure and amazing experience every time  you use them. Specialists take care of the high quality of products - that's why cosmetics are safe to use. Brand promotes a healthy lifestyle and natural beauty.

Nacomi by working in harmony with nature.

In the company's offer you can find a lot of face creams - with ingredients properly matched to your age. Specially composed ingredients are rich in vitamins, antioxidants and fatty acids to improve, protect and care for your skin. You will also find pregnancy friendly cosmetics. Nacomi guarantee high quality products at competitive prices.

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