Here at BeautyOils.Shop we are passionate about not only providing the very best beauty products to our customers, but also taking care of the world around us too.This is why we have introduced our new brand Clochee UK.

Whilst many of our customers follow the vegan lifestyle and therefore decide to use vegan cosmetics, there are some that may want to know more about the benefit of vegan cosmetics and why they should be adding them into their make-up bag.

No chemicals

Whilst you may think that the chemicals and additives in beauty products can improve the look of your skin. The truth is that they might not be as helpful as you think, instead, all natural products are the answer. They contain only natural ingredients, which makes sure that your skin looks beautiful, without a harmful build up of chemicals.

Healthy and young looking skin

We all love the idea of having beautiful, glowing, radiant and of course youthful skin. However, this does seem to be an elusive thing to achieve. What we eat and drink as, well as our lifestyles can go a long way to improving the way our skin looks and feels, however, you should also think about the products that you use too. It is a well known fact that vegan cosmetics and natural cosmetics are designed solely with your skin in mind. The ingredients are there to make sure that your skin feels great.

Better packaging

There is a real problem in our modern world when it comes to plastics and packaging for items. This packaging makes its way to the landfills and even in the seas around the world. This is not only damaging the habitats of animals but it is even harming the animals themselves. The majority of vegan cosmetics and natural cosmetics will use sustainable and recycled packaging, which is much better for the environment.

Say no to animal testing

Of course, when it comes to vegan beauty products, one main reasons that people decide to use them is because their production does not rely on animal testing. No-one likes the idea of knowing that their make-up harmed an animal during manufacturing and using a fully vegan product is the only way to make sure that this isn’t the case.

Think that you like the idea of using natural cosmetics as a part of your beauty regime? If you do, then why not take a look at what we have to offer here at Beauty Oils Shop? It is important that you find a store that you not only trust, but that you know will provide you the very best quality with each and every product that you buy. No matter whether it is a cream, a lotion or anything inbetween.

We not only have plenty of choice, but we always provide the very best quality too. What more could you want?