We know that you need care of your face all the time, on any age. Your skin changes as you get older.  Wrinkles, dryness are all part of this process.  We selected  for you 100% naturals ingredients, no parabens cosmetics.  You  need to learn how to care about your face skin  step by step. Our cosmetics can help you  care of your face and  keep  your skin in healthy and  well looking condition.

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  1. Shea butter night cream with biomimetic peptides; 50+ - 50ml
    Smoothing night cream made from precious natural ingredients, such as shea butter, avocado oil and macadamia oil, which... Learn More
  2. Argan oil night cream with hyaluronic acid; 30+ - 50ml
    Argan oil night cream nourishes the skin and facilitates skin regeneration to prevent premature skin aging. Learn More
  3. Argan oil day cream with vitamin E; 30+ - 50ml
    Argan oil day cream nourishes the skin and facilitates skin regeneration.  Learn More
  4. Marula oil night cream with stem cells; 40+ - 50 ml
    Marula Oil Face Cream stimulates collagen and elastin renewal. It makes the skin well-toned and regenerated.  Learn More
  5. Marula oil day cream with hydrolized rice and hyaluronic acid; 40+ - 50ml
    Natural ingredients such as cold-pressed marula oil, with powerful antioxidant and anti-aging action, combined with... Learn More
  6. Regenerating-Rejuvenating Night Cream - 50ml
    Regenerates and improves skin density. Rejuvenates and shapes facial contours. Absorbes easily and intensely... Learn More
  7. Nourishing-Rejuvenating serum - 30ml
    Has anti-aging activity. Intensively nourishes and regenerates skin. Stem cells from apple and Perilla oil main task... Learn More
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